New Project: Working with Leo Twiggs on his story

It’s rare to come upon a work of art that makes you hold your breath. But that’s exactly what happened when I first saw one of Leo Twiggs’ Confederate flag paintings. All other thoughts left my mind as I took in the image of the flag, with all its conflicting interpretations. The fabric looked old, worn out, aged—as though it had passed its prime. I wanted to find out as much as I could about who painted it, and why.

"Hey, Leo, for your interview, let's find a railroad crossing sign near your house and shoot some there." I'd come across Twiggs’ paintings as I was researching the South Carolina video for National Endowment for the Arts: United States of Arts.  What started as an hour-long interview grew late into the evening and we did find that crossing sign at dusk. Check out the results in our sizzle reel posted here.