Best Art piece about Mother Emanuel Tragedy: Leo's #3

I like what Chris Haire says here. Many artists in the South and throughout the US have focused on the "unity" displayed AFTER the tragedy occurred. Leading to the Confederate flag being lowered at the State House in Columbia. But what about the incident that caused the "unity"? We can't forget that. 

"Celebrated batik artist Leo Twiggs opted for a different approach. His “Requiem for Mother Emanuel No. 3” is the only work that we have seen so far that truly captures the horror and shame of that day. Twiggs’ piece is a powerful statement that speaks to the South’s deep-seated racial woes and the role that institutional racism played in creating a murderer like Dylann Roof, something the other works avoided altogether, in part because they assign blame to the community at large. There’s a time and place for both messages, but it will be Twiggs’ piece that will live on"